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Skateboarders and longboarders need full-face helmets to protect themselves. When you ride on the road during high traffic, they provide you with an extra layer of safety.

In the market, many top full-face longboard helmets are present that provides optimum protection. While riding at full speed, you can easily do tricks without the fear of crashing and suffering severe head injuries.

Here, we will review the 7 best full face longboarding helmets with the buying guide. They also serve as great skateboard full-face helmets so that you can enjoy complete protection regardless of your riding style.

  1. Full Face Longboard Helmets

The research found that longboarders are more likely to suffer structural damage to the skull and brain than skateboarders. In addition, a skateboarder usually trains in a skate park rather than on the road, and a longboarder usually reaches higher speeds on a longboard.

Therefore, wearing a helmet when performing advanced tricks at high speeds makes perfect sense. There are several different types of longboard helmets. The full-face models have premium EPS foam padding, sturdy safety straps, and a full-face design.

With a quality helm, you can stay injury-free while longboarding and avoid some nasty accidents.

Best Full Face Longboarding Helmets

1. TSG - Pass Full-face Helmet with Two Visors

If you are more intended to purchase a high-quality full-face helmet, then you are at the right place. TSG – Pass is a tremendous full-face longboard helmet made from super light fibreglass material. Due to this lightweight material, you will feel light on your head.

Most surprisingly, it is an incredible helmet to protect you against impacts. The anti-fog feature of this helmet makes it stand out in the field of longboarding helmets. Along with this feature, it also gives you UVA and UVB protection. So you can easily ride your longboard whatever the weather and the time of the day will be.

Product Specifications

  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Color: 4 colors
  • Brand: TSG
  • Vehicle Service Type: Mountain Bike
  • Inner Material: EPS

Key Features

  • Inner shell made up of shock-absorbing EPS
  • Strap with a double D-Ring closure for added security
  • Amazing peripheral view with no fogging
  • Well ventilated with optimal air circulation
  • Extremely comfortable, weighing only 2.3 pounds



2. Triple Eight Downhill Racer Full Face Helmet

Whenever it comes to purchase the best full-face longboard helmet, Triple Eight Downhill Racer has excellent worth. It is a fantastic full-face longboard helmet that comes in the category of the most reputable longboard helmets. Just like the above one, it also comes up with top-notch quality.

It also fits very well whenever you wear it because it is made up of high-quality fibreglass. It is a very lightweight material as well as highly durable and strong. The downhill longboard helmet gives you excellent protection because it covers the full face and the chin area, and the head. Not ending up with this also gives you an extreme comfort level because of the shatter-resistant visor as a velvet lining.

Product Specifications

  • Size: X-Small
  • Color: Black Glossy
  • Brand: Triple Eight
  • Vehicle Service Type: Mountain Bike, Longboarding
  • Inner Material: EPS

Key Features

  • Specially made for high speed
  • Aerodynamic design with dual certificate protection
  • Improved airflow with front vents
  • Shatter-resistant flip-up visor
  • Hand laid fibreglass shell



3. LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet (Happy Dreams - Large)

LS2 Helmets are good in a sense because of giving you a wide-view design. It is a great design that increases visibility and allows the riders to go for safer rides. Most surprisingly, now you can enjoy safe rides on all types of terrains and environments by wearing this incredible full-face longboard helmet.

The EPS impact foam lining at the inner side of the helmet will make it more attractive to purchase. It increases safety and top-notch comfort. The venting feature and a lens film of this downhill longboard helmet are also good and prevent dangerous fogging.

There are two lenses present in this helmet, one is clear, and the other is electric silver. Both lenses are very good at blocking UVA and UVB rays.

Product Specifications

  • Size: Available in almost all sizes
  • Color: Available in different colors
  • Brand: LS2
  • Inner Material: EPS

Key Features

  • Quick-release chin strap
  • Very lightweight downhill longboard helmet weighing only 4 lb
  • Hypoallergenic and Aerodynamic shell
  • Washable comfort padding
  • It comes in two shell sizes for a perfect fit



4. Triple Eight Skate-and-Skateboarding-Helmets Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

As the name depicts, Tripple 8 Downhill racer is specially designed for wearing this helmet while going downhill. So it means that the protection level of the particular full-face longboard helmet has increased due to the great speed while going downhill.

Additionally, the downhill longboard helmet’s shell is made out of fibreglass. However, on the other side, it has an EPS liner that is Velvet lined. Sizes are limited to small/medium and large/x-large, and you can choose only black or white.

The cheek pads also come in different sizes, which are more intended to give you other sizing possibilities. The EPS-lined helmet should be replaced after a single impact, whether it is visible or not.

Product Specifications

  • Size: Large/X-Large
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Triple Eight
  • Inner Material: EPS

Key Features

  • Excellent EPS foam liner with velvet lining
  • Perfect for longboarding along with motorcycling and skateboarding
  • Aerodynamic style to cope up with the wind resistance
  • Extra fit pad for a custom fit
  • Well build and solid downhill longboard helmet



5. S-ONE S1 Lifer Helmet for Biking, Skateboarding, and Roller Skating

S-ONE Lifer Helmet is an excellent helmet with fusion form. There are five times more benefits to this helmet than soft-shell skate helmets. Also, this downhill longboard helmet is certified to give you excellent protection from low force multiple impacts and high impacts.

The velvet lining inside the helmet also increases the comfort level and gives you a snug fit. In addition to longboarding, this helmet can also be used for biking and roller skating. It is an amazing super light predator longboard helmet that is much safer and good in quality.

Product Specifications

  • Size: Small (21″)
  • Color: Black Gloss Glitter
  • Brand: S-ONE

Key Features

  • It comes with almost all size helmets
  • Proper ventilation to keep your head sweat-free
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • The quality of the helmet is unquestionable
  • Offers maximum impact absorption



6. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

If you are interested in having a stylish longboard helmet, then this one is made for you. It is an excellent full-face longboard helmet with a compact and aerodynamic dot shell design. Whether you are going for a short distance or long distance will give you outstanding touring comfort.

The most surprising thing about this model is that it is the choice of both amateurs and professionals due to its aerodynamic design. In addition, it will also give you enhanced impact absorption by utilizing various foam lining inside the helmet. Also, its quick-release chain strap is securely attached to the helmet shell, ensuring a snug fit for you.

Product Specifications

  • Size: Available in all sizes
  • Color: Matte Black and green
  • Brand: GLX
  • Inner Material: EPS

Key Features

  • Proper ventilation to keep the head area well ventilated
  • Give you excellent impact absorption
  • It comes with precise adjustment
  • Snug fit design around your head
  • Durable and sturdy helmet for longboarding



7. TRIANGLE Matte Black Full Face Lightweight, Aerodynamic, Comfortable Street Helmet

TRIANGLE Matte Black Full Face is a lightweight and comfortable helmet for longboarding, skateboarding, biking, and much more. It fits nicely in your head and comfortable for long periods. If you are thinking of buying an affordable full-face longboard helmet, then you are at the right place.

The helmet’s foam is also of high quality, which gives you fresh air to keep your head cool. In addition, it is a breathable and durable predator longboard helmet made up of heavy-duty plastic. So it is a cost-effective option that is also specially designed to offer full coverage and protection from crashes, falls, and different kinds of impact.

Product Specifications

  • Size: Small
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Brand: TRIANGLE
  • Inner Material: EPS

Key Features

  • It comes over the product safety certification
  • Has multi-density EPS liner for a comfortable fit
  • Anti-scratch PC visor
  • Lightweight ABS shell with high-pressure thermoplastic technology
  • The soft laser cut padding for dry comfort



2. Benefits of Longboarding Helmet

  1. Ventilation

Although it is a full-face longboarding helmet, still it gives you enough breathability. Despite covering the entire head, face, and neck, the helmet is still breathable and comfortable to wear, even on hot days.

  1. Keeps the dust and Flying Insects Away

When you are riding at full speed, there is a chance to encounter flying insects or dust particles. Therefore full-face longboarding helmet serves as a great gadget to protect you from any accident.

  1. Keeps you warm in cold weather

In freezing weather or winter mornings, wearing a full-face longboarding helmet gives you a cosy feel.

  1. Protection of the face, neck and head

Wearing a downhill longboard helmet will protect your face, neck, and head whenever you fall on the ground. Therefore every part of your head is covered with a predator longboard helmet.

Buyer Guide- Things to Consider before Buying Full-Face Longboard Helmet

After considering the benefits of using a downhill longboard helmet, you have to consider some other things before purchasing it.

Quality and protection

You have to look for the quality and level of protection which the helmet is offering. Then, you can see the material from which it is constructed. Fibreglass is the best material to be used in the construction of downhill longboard helmet. Even if it is costly, but still it is a very durable and lightweight material.

Perfect Fit

It is essential to get a perfect fit helmet because it reduces discomfort and wobbling, and it also helps you enjoy your rides. To get an ideal fit helmet, you should know the size of your head.


The color enhances the style and finish of the helmet. Well, it’s really easy to do. Just pick the most suited color for your design or one that fits with it. If you are finding for the perfect color, we recommend going with your favorite.

The Design

Your opinion and taste will guide the design and your estimated budget for purchasing your helmet. For example, the cost of a predator longboard helmet with a visor is higher than that of a plain mountain bike helmet.

The visor of the downhill longboard helmet must also have an anti-fogging touch for maximum clarity and visibility. These helmets do not have a viewing window and are open like conventional helmets.

The Weight

A longboard race doesn’t make sense when you’re carrying tons of weight on your head. That’s why we choose a lighter weight helmet.


Safety is the primary purpose of full-face longboarding helmets. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to choose a sturdy and safe construction material. ABS is the best material for dual-purpose helmets because it provides high impact resistance.

Furthermore, EPS liners protect in case of multiple impacts, accidental falls, and hazardous situations. Therefore, it is vital to select EPS liners that will distribute impact and energy evenly to reduce the damage.


Our top pick is GLX Unisex-Adult GX11, as it is widely popular on Amazon with fantastic reviews. It is one of the best multi-use helmets present in the market today, such as skateboarding, longboarding, and rollerblading. It is a special full-face longboard helmet with sharp and aggressive styling for impact protection.

Due to its classic design, the helmet is equipped with moisture-wicking layers which minimize sweat production. Most surprisingly, it also comes with an antibacterial property to make it stink-proof.

Moreover, this downhill longboard helmet comes with specific functionality and has superior wind and water sealant layer. If you are more intended to get a noise-free helmet, this is the best one as it is specially designed to reduce noise and wind turbulence.

Although you can select our top pick full-face longboard helmet, the Other helmets described above also comes with outstanding performance and quality. So what are you waiting for?

Choose the right board for you in order to enjoy longboarding while also staying protected? I hope that these downhill longboard helmet reviews will give you a clear picture to choose the best one for you.

The buying guide will also give you a better idea of what you are looking for in a longboard helmet. Those who are comfortable with the price should go for Triple Eight Skate-and-Skateboarding-Helmets . If you want to go for the cheaper option, then GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 is good for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Full-face longboard helmets reduce injuries by protecting the skull. So what’s the deal here? Does it make sense to argue about if longboarders should wear helmets?


Downhill longboard helmets are considered essential for most disciplines. Downhill racing and skateboarding carry substantial risks of injury, so you need to wear a helmet.

An expert study of longboarders found the injuries tended to be more severe than those from skateboarding. Skull fractures, brain injuries, and bleeding in the head are the most frequently occurring injuries in the upper body.

However, unlike other sports, longboarding is not intrinsically dangerous. The rules of longboarding are not completely defined, but you can choose to follow certain disciplines if you want to. Some disciplines are faster than others, and therefore riskier.